The goal of the Creative Abilities Group is to provide opportunities for young adults with autism and other developmental disabilities to participate in a variety of fine arts, performing arts, music and craft activities in their community, helping to inspire them, enrich their lives, and remove barriers that prevent them from realizing their full creative potential. We have been very active in 2021, so if you are interested please email us.

Here are some of the projects we have completed. For more information on our program, please contact us or email

Creative Abilities

for Youth and Young Adults

Autism Society of Lehigh Valley

Papermaking with Jill Odegaard at Cedar Crest College (completed Fall 2019)

In the Fall of 2019, The Creative Abilities Group participated in C.R.E.A.T.E’s pilot program under the instruction of Professor Odegaard.  This program has exceeded our expectations. Our young adults were introduced to an art medium that they otherwise would not have access to. Cedar Crest College students were eager to learn about our young adults and enthusiastic about helping them create beautiful, unique works of art in a seemingly endless variety of papermaking techniques.

Over the course of the six week program, our young adults with autism have repeatedly expressed their enjoyment of this experience, a great pride in their work, and they especially looked forward to working together with  Cedar Crest College students. This setting for our young adults to interact comfortably with college students in an appropriate educational and social setting is rare opportunity.

Here is the brochure for this program.

C.R.E.A.T.E. and the Creative Abilities Papermaking class brochure

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