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Behavioral Services


1. ABA Support Services, LLC:

        (610) 365-8373  Trolley Station Mall, Suite 22A,  224 Nazareth Pike, Bethlehem, PA 18020

         ABA Support Services is a team of specialists providing applied behavior analysis research-based interventions for individuals and professionals who

         require support and training with behavioral management and skill development. We improve the quality of life for our clients, families, and

         professional communities.

        ABA Support Services provides a wide range of services to children and families in which their providers have prescribed these needed services.

        All ABA services utilize the data collection and review process required for evidence-based ABA practices. Generally, the teaching of treatment goals is

         conductedin both a one-on-one intensive teaching session and in a natural environment.

        We provide experience to candidates in the following areas: FBA, VBMAPP, PEAK, AFLS, AIM and additional curriculum; treatment planning in areas such as:

        social skill development, FCT, ADLS, and the reduction of problem behavior; how to systematically provide training to parents, caregivers, and school staff.


       1.877.896.6667 (toll free)  |  3975 Township Line Road, Bethlehem, PA 18020-4200

       Every individual with special needs is entitled to a supportive community and the opportunity to lead a rich, fulfilling life. From children in need of foster 

       care to adults with developmental challenges, everyone has the potential to overcome tremendous adversity, they only need a helping hand to open

       the door and show them the way.

3.   Behavioral Health Associates
      610-379-0067  |  413 Bridge Street,   Weissport, PA 18235
     BHRS at one time was called EPSDT, it is sometimes called Provider 50 Services, and it can also be called Wrap-Around Services. Whatever you call this program, it still offers the same services to children and adolescents who suffer emotional and behavioral difficulties and are at risk of being placed outside of the home. It is an intensive home-based service with the goal of supplying the support needed for a child and their family to function effectively upon completion of the treatment program. The treatment team may include a Case manager (CM), Behavior Specialist (BS), Mobile Therapist (MT), Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS), the child's family, and the child. The family plays a very special role in the treatment team and is encouraged to participate in the services.

      (610) 515-6517  |  6 Danforth Drive,   Easton, PA 18045
     Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS) / Provider 50 Wraparound Services are a short-term treatment program focused on addressing the behavioral and emotional needs of children and adolescents from birth to 21 years of age. The BHRS program utilizes a solution-focused treatment approach that identifies a person's strengths and builds upon those strengths rather than allowing problems to become the main focus. This approach will allow clients and their parents/guardians to look for solutions rather than dwelling on issues from the past.

5. CARBON-LEHIGH I.U. #21   
       610-769-4111  |  4210 Independence Drive,   Schnecksville, PA 18078
The Intermediate Unit in close cooperation with Lehigh and Carbon County MH/MR agencies provides Behavioral Health Services to children and adolescents, who are experiencing psychiatric distress or emotional difficulties. Behavioral Health Services help children and adolescents overcome self defeating behavior, interact age appropriately, interface positively with family members, and maximize their potential. Family, school, and community members are enlisted to move the child in a positive direction. All treatment is done in the child's home, school or other community settings.

     (610) 944-0445  |  One West Main Street, Fleetwood, PA 19522
Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Service (BHRS) is an individualized, strengths-based approach to the treatment of children and youth with the goal of maintaining the child/adolescent in the home, school, and community. Services may include psychiatric/psychological evaluations, behavioral specialist consultation, mobile therapy, and therapeutic staff support. Goals include increasing positive behaviors, as well as the teaching and transference of real-life skills to clients and family members, so as to empower families to manage problematic behaviors independently.

    610.435.4151  |  Allentown Office,  1405 North Cedar Crest Blvd., Suite 105,   Allentown, PA 18104-2308
Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS), offered to children and adolescents ages 0-21, include a range of individualized behavior management, treatment and rehabilitation services provided primarily in community settings. Settings typically include the child’s home and or school as well as other settings such as camps, daycares and recreational venues. BHRS are flexibly scheduled to accommodate the lives of the children and families served.

    (800) 25 PEACE  |  1650 Broadway, Bethlehem, PA 18015
Kidspeace Communuity Autism Services offer several programs in their continuum of care. Kidspeace BHRS provides clinical services to children and adolescents who are diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Services can be provided in the home, school, daycare and community to help children and their family’s members develop new skills and coping mechanisms. Services are individualized and based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis focusing on intensive teaching to overcome deficits in language, social and problematic behaviors. In addition, Kidspeace offers two site-based Autism programs- The Autism After School Therapeutic Program and Sarah’s Smile Summer Programs. Both of these programs provide a site-based opportunity to develop, practice and generalize a wide variety of social skills with peers.

      (610) 266-0610 Primary Contact: Carol Weikerd  |  961 Marcon Blvd., Suite 312,  Allentown, PA 18109
The BHRS program specializes in providing intensive behavioral treatment for children who fall within various child and adolescent diagnosed disorders. Our service delivery is designed to be a long-term commitment, with children who receive services typically requiring 24 to 30 months of intensive intervention. We recognize that flexibility must be exercised to create an environment that is maximally effective for the child. The program is comprehensive and aimed at enhancing skills in the cognitive, emotional, and social/developmental domains. The ultimate goal is to facilitate a successful transition within developmental milestones. Curriculum emphasis is designed to meet the needs of children who vary widely in developmental levels and learning styles. Progressions from basic foundation skills are highly individualized. Skills are taught from a variety of therapeutic adaptations, depending upon the child's learning characteristics.

10. NeurAbilities: Coming soon to the Lehigh Valley

      1405 Cedar Crest Blvd, Suite 109  Allentown, PA 18104
     Phone: 856-346-0005

     610-866-8331  |  3864 Adler Place, Suite 100,  Bethlehem, PA 18017   
BHRS is provided to individuals under the age of 21 with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) or behavioral health challenges. BHRS is a Medicaid funded program providing family and child centered clinical services in the home, school and/or community to address areas such as safety awareness, communication, social skills, functional independence, and appropriate group/classroom behavior.. Services must be deemed necessary by a Psychologist and can include: Behavioral Specialist Consultant (BSC), Mobile Therapy (MT), and Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS).

      215.453.5178  |  807 Lawn Avenue, P.O. Box 32,     Sellersville, Pa. 18960
Penn Foundation's Autism Support Center provides comprehensive developmental assessments for children ages birth to 10 with communicating, relating, and learning challenges often manifested through behavior. It also provides information and referral services for the community.


     (610) 266-2656  |  881 Marcon Boulevard, Suite 3900,   Allentown, Pa. 18109
BHRS program (also known as “Wraparound services”) provides intensive behavioral health support for youth between the ages of 3 and 18 who have serious emotional or behavioral issues. These services are funded by Medical Assistance. If you do not have Medical Assistance, we will help you obtain it. (Eligibility is determined by medical necessity and not financial resources. Eligibility may extend to age 21 for youth who are still in school or college.)

     (484) 821-0035  |  Kids Intervention - Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services
44 East Broad Street Bethlehem,  PA 18018

15. Team Counseling Concepts, Inc.
      (610) 395-6322  |  4912 Shankweiler Road,  Orefield, PA 18069-2305
Team Counseling Concepts, Inc. is a provider of behavioral health services. These services can take place within the home, school and/or community, based on the needs of the individual child.

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